Step 5: Self-sign the Certificate

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We are now going to self-sign the certificate. If you need a Certification Authority-signed certificate, you will have to send the certificate signing request file ( to the CA. They will then sign the resulting certificate ( and claim your identity over the internet. Before you can use this new certificate, you must also request and install a CA root certificate. This can be obtained from the CA.


If you intend to self-sign the certificate, using the example request file created above, in the dos window opened above, type:


openssl x509 -req -days 365 -in -CA usoftca.cer -CAkey usoftca.key -set_serial 01 -out


NOTE: For this version, you must use the filenames specified in these examples.


You should see something like the following:



NOTE: The pass phrase is the one created in Step 2: Create a Private Key.


You have now got a self-signed certificate, ( valid for 365 days.


Before you can use a TLS/SSL with USoft products, there are a number of further actions that you must take. For more details, see:


ยท Using Self-Signed Certificates with USoft