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A user group is a group of people that have similar office duties, and therefore need access to the same information. From a technical point of view, a user group consists of members, each of whom have the same set of rights. For a particular application, a user can only be a member of one user group. It is at the user group level that you define the rights. Later you can define which users belong to which group. You can also set additional parameters separately for each user group.


A user group is defined for one application only.

Each user group has its own entry point into the menu system. This is called the "first page" of their menu. The user group will then automatically have access to any options that are "below" this first page in the hierarchical menu structure. For more information on menus, read the chapter on "Menu Structure" in the USoft Definer Help. You can also do this at the same time as you register user groups.


Before you can assign end-users to a user group as members, or make one of them the "owner" of an application, their database user name must be known to the USoft environment.

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