Data Directories

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You can use the additional "data_directory" job parameter to specify what directory USoft Batch will use for opening or creating the following files:

· ERR, SUC and MES files in import tasks.


· Data files in import and export tasks.

If the data_directory parameter is not used, the files are searched for or created in the working directory, that is, the directory from which the batch job is called.

The syntax of the data_directory parameter is:

ActionStartJob(<job name>[,[<task_name>:]


When no task name is specified, the directory is used for all import and export tasks in the entire job. If a task name is specified, the parameter is set for that import or export task.


You must specify the task name as it has been specified within the job task definition, NOT the name of the import or export task.

Case-sensitivity of the directory name depends on the operating system.

The location of log files is not affected by the data_directory parameter.