Defining Action Tasks

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An action task is a task that can perform any USoft Developer action. However, if you want to have the job executed outside the USoft environment by means of RUNBATCH.EXE, you can only use the action-start-job(), command-system-background(), action-decision(), file-exists() and data-rdbms-statement() actions, and those described under Deactivating and Reactivating Checks and Constraints. This is because these jobs run in the background, and have no interaction with the end user.

You can use action tasks, for example, to:

· Print exported data.


· Start external applications to further process exported data.


· Issue messages from a job.

In principle, you could use any of the actions described in the USoft Developer Reference Help, but in fact you will probably only use a few of them.


You can define conditional actions by calling a decision that performs a SELECT statement on the parameter set, by means of the ActionDecision() action. See the USoft Windows Designer Help for more information on how to define decisions.

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