Example: Using different file names

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Suppose that the Travel Agency wants to run a regular job on a three-monthly basis. The job is to provide customers who have not been to a particular destination with details of the current offers for that destination. So the job involves extracting the names and addresses of those customers who have not been to, say, Canada, and then exporting this data in a form that can be processed by Microsoft Word.

This involves:

· An export task that exports customer data to a customers.txt file.


· An external set that defines the structure and format of the output file.


· An action task that opens Microsoft Word with the customers.txt file.

Now suppose that each time the job is to be run, a different destination is to be selected, and a different output file is to be created. In order to do this:

· Define a parameter set with one VAR_DESTINATION parameter


· In the job call, replace the default customers.txt file by, for example, canada.txt:

runbatch.exe -exe "job(CURRENT_OFFERS,VAR_DESTINATION=CANADA, filename::customers.txt=canada.txt)