How to Compute Set Elements

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To have USoft Batch compute set elements for export tasks:

ยท With the External Sets window on your screen, and the external set defined (in the upper info box), click the Compute button, or choose Compute Elements from the Special menu.

When computing elements for the first time, USoft Batch generates the elements that correspond with the columns as defined in the SQL statement of the external set. Where possible, meaningful names, data types, and IO formats are provided. For the element names, the labels of the output expressions are used. You are advised to label all output expressions.

When computing elements the next time, you can choose between re-computing elements and updating elements.

Click 'Re-compute' to re-compute all set elements. The current set elements and their attributes will be deleted.

Click 'Update' to add new elements, to remove elements that do not exist anymore, or to re-position elements. This preserves all current attribute values for Data Type, Length, Format, and Child Set.