Job Input Parameter Definition Steps

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To define new job input parameters, you will need to carry out the following steps.

1. Determine what parameters you will need in the job, what you need them for, and what data type and length each of them should have.
2. Define an external set to be used as input parameter set. Instead of computing the elements of the external set on the basis of a SQL statement, enter them manually. Each element will act as a job input parameter.
3. You can now refer to the input parameter set in SQL statements (for SQL tasks and import tasks) as if it were a table, and to its elements as if they were columns.
4. When defining the job, enter the name of the input parameter set in the Input Parameter Set field.
5. Optionally, specify a user table to be used for temporary storage of the external set.

This has the advantage that you can validate if job input parameters are correct by using domains, allowed values, mandatory columns, constraints, and more.


If you use a user-defined table for a parameter set, you have to provide parameter values with the job. If no parameters are provided, NULL values are inserted in the user-defined table, which may result in error messages.


When using a user table, this table is emptied before running the job.