Status Fields Allocating Import Tasks to Tools

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Suppose that in a big import task, you expect only a limited number of import records to require special processing.

In this situation, you can use a status field to allocate bulk processing to a high-performing third party tool and specialized processing to USoft Batch.

Some tools are fastest at loading bulk data into a database or performing simple computations on it. On the other hand, USoft Batch is the best tool to perform any specialized processing that is connected to business rules already defined in the repository.

Example of a status field allocating import tasks to tools:

1. Define an additional status field (switch) in an appropriate table. For example, TOOL_X if you want to allocate some of the processing to a third-party tool X (such as Oracle's PL/SQL).
2. Set the default value for the TOOL_X column to Y.
3. Load all the data using a dedicated loader. TOOL_X ='Y' for each imported record.
4. Execute a USoft Batch SQL task setting TOOL_X = N for records meeting a special condition. These records will be left out of bulk processing.
5. Have tool X process all the records WHERE TOOL_X = 'Y'.
6. Have USoft Batch process all records WHERE TOOL_X = 'N'.