Step 7: Running the Job and Viewing the Result

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In this step, you will run that batch job that you just defined, and then have a look at the result.

To run the job:

1. Create a new folder in the "<installation>\Testdrive\Htmlgenerator" folder, named Step6.

This is the directory that your HTML report will be created in.

2. Click on the Batch Runner item in the Binder, then click the right mouse button.
3. Change the value of the Directory field to "<installation>\Testdrive\Htmlgenerator\Step6".
4. Clear the Read Batch Definitions From File check box.

This time you want USoft to read batch definitions from the repository (database).

5. Click on the job in the Jobs field, click Delete, and then click Add.
6. Type "STEP6_JOB" in the Job Name field on the Edit Job And Parameter dialog.
7. Click OK on both dialogs.
8. Double-click the Batch Runner item to generate the HTML report.

To view the result:

1. Choose File, Open File from the menu of your web browser.
2. Locate the ScheduledTourStep6.htm file in the "<installation>\Testdrive\Htmlgenerator\Step6" folder, and then open the file.

The result for each recordshould be as in the illustration below.

3. Note the simple structure of the report: just one file that displays the data in one form.

To get this HTML report in a different format:

1. Go back to the HTML Set subtype window. You can call this window from the External Sets definition window in the Definer.
2. Set a different Layout Style.
3. Save these new settings.
4. Run the batch job again.

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