Using the Project Catalog

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When you first start the Definer, the Definer window is displayed, with the Project catalog on the left, and workspace on the right. The third tab page of the Catalog is used by USoft Batch. The Batch tab page contains all Batch objects.

Instead of using menus, you can use the Project Catalog to retrieve windows or batch objects when you are working within the USoft Definer. You can show and hide the Project Catalog. To show the Catalog, choose Catalog from the View menu. To hide the Catalog, click the Close button in the top-right corner of the catalog pane, or choose Hide Catalog from the context menu of most catalog tree nodes.

A plus (+) sign in front of a class name indicates that the particular class has subclasses. Click the plus sign to expand the tree so that it shows the subclasses. Double-click a class name to open the window associated with that class for editing or drag and drop the class on to the Definer work area. A minus (-) sign indicates that subclasses are currently displayed. Click the minus sign to collapse that part of the tree (so as to hide subclasses).

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