Fully Automated Testing

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USoft BenchMark allows you to fully automate your test procedures, enabling you to cover all the following areas.

Minimize the risk of human failure

USoft BenchMark has been designed to minimize the risk of human failure. Changes in your application's data model, business logic, or screen design will no longer pass unnoticed. Each aspect of your application's functionality can be automatically tested for compliance with the specifications.

BenchMark quality and efficiency

USoft's test facility enables you to measure both the quality (does it do what it is supposed to do?) and efficiency (does it make optimal use of the available resources?) of the application under development. You can measure the progress after each test run.

Optimize server-client capacity

The test facility's built-in Profiler not only measures actual performance, but also provides hints for optimizing your application's server-client capacities. In addition, its tracing facility enables you to trace the SQL statements that are executed during a test.

Maximize long-term productivity

USoft BenchMark's reusable test procedures ensure long-term productivity of your test efforts. (Once a test has been recorded, you can play it back at any time.) As the tests and their results are stored and managed in a RDBMS, they stay available over time, even when the application has gone from development to production status, or when the original developers and testers have left.

Improve teamwork of development staff

USoft BenchMark greatly improves the teamwork of the development staff. Instead of having to rely on written or spoken problem reports, which are often difficult to reproduce, developers and testers can now communicate using "captured" real-life situations.

Validate business logic

Following the USoft approach to iterative prototyping, USoft BenchMark is able to validate your implementation of the business logic involved in a fully functional application at any stage. All you have to do is to incorporate any new procedures into existing tests, and then run these again.

Streamline systems acceptance

Using USoft BenchMark to thoroughly test your application, end-users no longer have to participate in technical system tests (does it work at all?). Instead, they can concentrate on functionality (does it solve our need for information?) and performance.