How to Automate the Maintenance of Test Data

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To create a procedure for automatic data maintenance:

1. In the USoft BenchMark toolbox, double-click Procedures in the Test Database list.
2. Insert a new record.
3. Type a name for the procedure (for example, REBUILD) in the Procedure Name field.
4. Put the cursor in the lower info box, and define the various steps that you want your cleanup procedure to take as shown in the following table.

USoft BenchMark Action



This action completely drops your application tables from the database.


This action rebuilds your application tables on the basis of the definitions in the repository.


This action only removes the contents of your application tables.


This action exports your application data to a TDF file in the working directory.


This action imports your application data from a TDF file in the working directory.



This action produces a report listing any constraints that are violated.


This action produces a report listing data violating referential integrity in a relationship; namely minimum number of children and foreign key.


The filename that is to be used for exporting and/or importing can be entered in the Parameter field. The Position, Application Status, Record Status, Execute Procedure fields can be left empty. The Target field MUST contain "*topCase".

5. Fill in the other fields as required.
6. In the USoft BenchMark toolbox, click the Save button.