How to Make a Profile using the Stand-alone Profiler for Batch Jobs

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Three actions can be used to register profiler information in the USoft BenchMark tables without using the BenchMark GUI interface:

· rule-profiler-start()


· rule-profiler-stop()


· rule-profiler-description(<description>)

These actions have been specifically developed so that the BenchMark Profiler can be started within USoft Batch jobs. They can be called by USoft Batch action tasks. rule-profiler-start() and rule-profiler-stop() require no parameters. rule-profiler -description() has one parameter: description, which is a description of the currently active profiler session.

Reading and interpreting the results stored by the stand-alone profiler should still be done through the BenchMark GUI interface.


It is possible to use a different database account for the profiler (Benchmark) tables, as it is already possible with USoft Benchmark. This should be done via resource settings (as with using BenchMark in a different database account).

For the standalone profiler the following resources should be set:





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