How to Play a Test

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To play a test:

1. In the USoft BenchMark toolbox, click the Player button.

The Player window appears, together with the Select Test window.

2. Enter the name of the test to be played, or click the lookup button to select one from the list that appears.
3. If required, click Settings to specify which options you want to use.

The Test Settings window appears.

In the Test Settings dialog, do any of the following:

· Change the name and location of the log file.


· Set the interval between steps in milliseconds (the higher the number, the slower the test will be played).


· Specify whether procedure checks, status checks, and step checks must be performed.


· Specify whether the test run is to stop when a USoft BenchMark error is encountered.


· Specify whether the Profiler should run as well.

If you want your (new) settings to be the defaults for future runs of this test, click Save Settings, otherwise click OK.

4. In the Player you can:
· Click the Play button if you want to execute the procedure in one go.


· Click the Pause button to temporarily suspend the test, and then click the Play button again to continue. You can also change the settings before continuing.


· Click the Step button if you want to execute the procedure step by step.


· If necessary, repeat clicking the Step button until all steps have been executed.


If you want to have different "runs" of the same test, click the Rewind button, and then repeat steps 3 and 4.

5. If required, click Logfile to inspect the logfile created by the test.
· In the Logfile window that appears, browse through the logged test results. You can click the Search button to look for a specific text.
· Click Close on the Logfile window to return to the Player.
6. If required, click Select to choose another test, or Settings to change the settings again.
7. Click Close to close the Player window when you have finished with it.

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