How to Trace SQL Statements and Method Calls

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To trace SQL statements and method calls:

1. In your application, perform the necessary actions to "get close" to where you suspect that the SQL statements or method calls under consideration are executed. (e.g. open the appropriate window, perform a query, or enter a value in a record or field).
2. In the USoft BenchMark toolbox, click the Tracer button.

The Tracer window appears.

3. Click the Options tab page on the Tracer window. Select the trace options that you wish to use.
4. In your application, perform the actions that you want to have traced.

Each action that results in a SQL statement, method, or data manipulation will have the information displayed on the Tracer tab page, depending upon the Option settings. Refer to help topic: Tracer Window: Options Tab Page.

5. Read the information carefully. Click one of the navigation buttons to continue.
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have performed all desired actions.
7. To stop tracing, click the Cancel button in the Tracer window.