Resident Cache

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The resident cache contains ten windows by default. When the eleventh window is added, one of the previous windows is deleted. It is possible to give a window a priority on a scale from 1 (high) to 3 (low). A window will only disappear from the cache when the remaining windows have higher priority. Among windows with the same priority, the first one added to the cache will be the first one to disappear.

Because the resident cache has such an impact on performance, it is important to fine-tune the cache by running tests. These tests should involve frequent opening and closing of windows, with various cache sizes to compare the average startup time. Too many windows in the cache can result in unnecessary memory swapping. On the other hand, if you have too few windows in the cache, windows that you want to reuse may have just disappeared from the cache, which makes caching useless. Be sure to test the normal workflow and try to fine-tune it.