Test Data Management

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Before you play a test, you must make sure that the circumstances are the same as when the procedure was recorded (for example: the same data must be in/out, the same windows must be open/closed, and so on). If the circumstances are not the same, the result will be uncertain.

The data in your application must be the same when you play a test as when it was recorded. One good way to ensure this is to clear all data from your application tables after you have played a test, and to start a new test with a fresh body of data.

Before you clear the data from the tables, or even drop the tables, you may wish to save data from the application tables to file. You can do this using the Export option. Later you can reload this saved data into your application tables using the Import option. Such options are also available as actions that you can call from within procedures, allowing you to automate data maintenance.