Additional Prompts and Messages

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During your session with the table generator, the following additional prompts and messages may appear:

Situation: You added a new mandatory column

If you want USoft Developer to retrieve data from an OLD_ table, while you added a new mandatory (i.e. NOT NULL) column to the corresponding new table, USoft Developer will ask you whether to:

· Create an empty table. (In which case you can directly insert the old data and the new data into the database yourself.)


· Fill the column with default values. (X for character columns, 1 (one) for number columns, and SYSDATE for date columns).


· Skip creating the table.

Situation: Table cannot be copied because of LONG fields

Oracle has problems with copying LONG fields. When copying fails, the message will be:

Copy from OLD table to new table failed.

Table <table_name> is empty.

If this is the case, you can still find your data in OLD_<table_name>. Every (chosen) table is handled in this way. Therefore, you can always copy your data afterwards.