Advantages of Using Supertypes and Subtypes

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The advantages of using subtypes and supertypes are as follows:

· First of all it allows you to make your table structure the exact image of your data model. You do not need to cut up parts of your data model and define very similar tables for them.


· Secondly, defining subtypes and supertypes builds many implicit rules into the application, which are checked automatically. This means that there is no need to write constraints that enforce these rules and therefore that less constraints (and thus SQL statements) need to be written. Maintenance costs will also be much lower.


· Thirdly, the windows that are generated by default will better suit the end-users' needs. By default, USoft Developer generates a separate window for every database object, whether it is a supertype or a subtype. The window in which a supertype is shown indicates what subtypes exist for the particular instance of the supertype. As the windows only contain fields that have been defined for a particular table (subtype or supertype), users do not have to tab through fields that are irrelevant for some of the subtypes.


· Finally, defining supertypes and subtypes enables you to reuse object definitions at different levels. It is important to choose the common core of attributes (the supertype), and the variable additions (subtypes) in such a manner that they can be used for more than one purpose. In the example shown above, the Person supertype is divided into the Sales, Guide and Staff subtypes. Should later applications also require Person subtypes, then the existing subtype definitions can be reused, and only an Administration subtype (for example) needs to be defined.

A supertype always has one or more subtypes. A subtype itself can be the supertype of other subtypes, so the Guide subtype could itself have subtypes such as Trainee and Experienced. Where a subtype is a supertype of other subtypes, all the subtypes from a particular supertype downwards in the subtype tree is known as a "constellation".

Subtype tree and constellations