Example: XML Export For Update

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Here is an example of a constraint that calls the XML export method, and updates a database column with the result of the INVOKE statement.

Whenever a person is updated, the fact that this PERSON record is updated is stored in XML format in the XMLupdate column of the PERSON_XML_LOG table.


SET     pxl.XMLupdate =


        INVOKE XML.export


        SELECT 'Update' ExecutionType, *, OLD(*)

        FROM     PERSON p

        WHERE    p.id = pxl.person_id


After an update of "John Smith" to "Johnny Smith", the XMLupdate column of the PERSON_XML_LOG table contains:

<Persons documentName="Persons">

   <PERSON ID="112" FAMILY_NAME="Smith" FIRST_NAME="John">

       <Update ID="112" FAMILY_NAME="Smith" FIRST_NAME="Johnny"/>




· The 'Update' execution type is only useful in constraints in combination with old values.


· The execution type is the same for all exported row elements.