Example of a WSDL Document

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Here is an example of a WSDL document:

This WSDL document contains six main elements:

1. definitions

The definitions element must be the root element of a WSDL document. It defines the name of the web service and declares multiple namespaces used in the document.

2. types

The types element provides data type definitions that are used to describe the messages exchanged.

3. message

The message element describes a one-way message. This can be a request or response message. It defines the name of the message and contains zero or more message part elements. These elements represent the parameters of the message.

4. portType

The portType element combines multiple message elements into a complete operation. Each operation refers to an input message and output message.

5. binding

The binding element describes how the service is implemented on the wire. It specifies concrete protocol and data format specifications for the operations and messages defined by a particular portType.

6. service

The service element describes the address for invoking the specified service. Since USoft web services are soap services, this URL starts with soap:address.