How to Change a Restrictive Constraint Into a Warning Constraint

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To change a restrictive constraint into a warning constraint:

1. Define a warning message, and optionally, a message category.

See: "How to Define Your Own System Messages".

2. Write the constraint as if it were a restrictive constraint, starting with a SELECT keyword.

Do NOT specify a constraint message: the component takes care of the message.

3. Replace the SELECT keyword with:

INVOKE RulesEngine.MessageLanguage


SELECT '<Message Category>', '<Message Name>', 'WARNING' [,'<par1>',...]


· <Message Category> is the category that the message belongs to.
· <Message Name> is the message name.
· <par1>, <par2>, ... are optional message parameters.

If you want to provide an information message, change 'WARNING' into 'INFORMATION'.

4. Click the Check button to have your constraint checked.
5. Save your changes.