How to Check Constraints

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You can always look at the Correct field in the constraints windows to see if a constraint has been checked and is correct. If the Correct attribute is not checked, the constraint is ignored at run-time.

Checking the current constraint

If you have the Domain Constraint or the Constraint window open, you can click the Check button or choose Special, Check Constraint from the menu bar to check the currently displayed constraint. If you have just defined the constraint, this action also saves it locally: but you still need to commit it after it has been checked and is correct.

To check constraints:

1. From the menu bar choose Tools, Check Constraints.
2. Choose Domain or Table from the menu.

The Check Domain Constraints or the Check Constraints window is displayed.

3. Select the Domain and/or Constraint to be checked, and select whether active or incorrect constraints are to be checked. (See the What's This help for more details.)
4. Click OK.

If there are any syntax errors in the constraint(s) you are checking, a message is shown with an asterisk (*) at the position of the syntax error.