How to Define a Joined Column

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When you define a joined (or virtual) column for a particular parent-child relationship, first define the virtual column at column definition level.

To define a virtual column:

1. In the Tables window, select the child table to which you want to add the virtual column.
2. Define the column, specifying Virtual (not Database) in the Type field.
3. With the virtual column as the current record, click the Related List button on the toolbar, and choose Column that Gives a Value to This Joined Column.

The Column that Gives a Value to This Joined Column related window appears.

4. Complete the window as follows:
· Click the Child Table lookup button to select the parent object, role and child object that is needed to 'join' the joined column with the parent column.
· Click the Parent Column lookup button to select the column that will give its value to the joined column.
5. Save your changes in the database.


You can also access the related window by means of the Related option on the Box menu, using either the Column box of the Tables window or the Relationships window as your starting point.