How to Define a Relationship

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To define a relationship between tables:

1. Right-click on Relationships in the Project Catalog, and choose New Relationship. You can also right-click on a table and choose New Relationship Where This Table Is The Parent/Child.

The New Relationship wizard appears.

2. Enter the requested information in each of the wizard's dialogs.

Once the relationship has been created, you can refine it if necessary by double-clicking on its name in the Project Catalog. You can use the What's This? help for help on the fields in the relationships window. Right-click on a relationship name in the Project Catalog to edit or delete a relationship.


You can also define a new relationship yourself by choosing Define, Relationships from the menu bar.

USoft Developer allows you to document your application by writing descriptions or comments on relationships. For more information, see "How to Comment on a Relationship".


To view Log Information changes, click on the Log Info tab. You can use the What's This? help in the Log Info tab page for more information on each field.

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