How to Define a Subtype Table

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When you define a subtype table, you need only define which table is its supertype, and the columns that the supertype does NOT have. USoft Developer will automatically insert the primary key fields to link the subtype to its supertype.

To define a subtype table:

1. Right-click on the table name in the Project Catalog, and choose New Subtype.

The New Subtype wizard appears.

2. Enter the requested information in each of the wizard's dialogs.

You will be prompted to specify the columns that are to be part of the subtype table.

Once the subtype table is created, you can modify it if required, by double-clicking its name in the Project Catalog.


You can create a subtype table yourself by choosing Define, Tables from the menu bar, in the same way as defining any table. You must then click the Supertype lookup button in the Tables window to define which table the new one is to be based on.