How To Change an Interface Table into a Database Table

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A provider module can include interface tables which are consumed by a consumer module. A developer may decide that such a table should not be in the provider module, but in the consumer module. In the consumer module, you cannot simply change the interface table into a database table. To change an interface table into a database table:

1. In the provider module, specify that the table in question is no longer an interface table, or delete the table completely.
2. Create new flat files
3. In the consumer module, synchronize with the newly created flat file. This will result in a message reporting an incorrect interface, due to the table specified in Step 1 no longer being part of the interface.
4. Open the Incorrect Interfaces tab and double click on the name of the table in question.
5. In the resulting window, clear the Module field and commit your changes.

The table will now be available as a normal, owned database table in the consumer module.