How to Translate System Messages

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To translate system messages:

1. Open the Definer and from the menu bar, choose Tools, Language, System Messages.
2. Perform an appropriate query to retrieve the system message(s) that you wish to translate.


The message category "frequent end user msg" contains the messages that are most frequently used for end users. Messages in this category should be translated before other categories.

3. Click the Related Window button on the toolbar, or press F9, and then choose "System Local Message Translations for System Message" from the resulting list.
4. Translate the message in the System Local Message Translations for System Message window:
· Specify the target language in the Language field, and type the translated text for the message in Local Message field.


· Save your work.


If the original system message contains parameters, the translated message must also contain them. You must not translate the parameters. You can change the order in which the parameters appear in the message, if the syntax of the target language needs it. However, you must not modify the values in the Parameters box in the System Messages window.