How USoft Developer Calculates Table Space

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The required table space is calculated as follows:

· For every table (index) defined in the repository, USoft Developer selects the Site table information. If this information is unavailable, it will take defaults.


· When the expected number of rows has not been defined in the Site table, the values in the Table table are taken.


· When these, too, have not been defined, the system defaults are taken (initial 1000, next 500).


· The values for "percentage null" and "percentage full" at the column level are retrieved from the repository.

If the "percentage null" has not been defined, USoft Developer takes it to be "0" (zero) if the field is mandatory, and otherwise it is taken to be "50".

If the "percentage full" has not been defined, USoft Developer uses 50.

· With the derived values for the number of rows, the "percentage full", and the "percentage null" USoft Developer calculates the required disk space, the "percentage free" and the "percentage used", using the information supplied by Oracle (see the Oracle DBA guide for more information).