JDBC Rules Engine Connectivity

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JDBC Rules Engine connectivity allows external Java programs to make use of a USoft repository and benefit from the USoft Rules Engine. This guarantees execution of all the business, integrity, and security rules at all times. The rules are stored and managed within the USoft Developer repository. USoft Developer manages the data manipulation in professional databases, such as Oracle, Sybase, IBM's Universal database, or Microsoft's SQL Server.

JDBC, Java Database Connectivity, is a SQL database access standard, providing uniform access to a wide range of relational databases. It also provides a common base on which higher level tools and interfaces can be built.

JDBC connectivity is comparable to ODBC connectivity to the USoft Rules Engine, known as the USoft Remote Rules Service API. The difference is that JDBC Rules Engine connectivity is intended for Java programs whereas the Remote Rules Service API is intended for ODBC-compliant programs.

Java applications are platform independent. They run on any computer platform. With JDBC Rules Engine connectivity, Java client programs can run on any computer and use JDBC to connect to a USoft Rules Engine.

To use JDBC Rules Engine connectivity, you need a run-time Java 2 environment: Java version 1.2.2 or higher.

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