Registering OLE Controls

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Several products automatically install OLE Controls on your system, for example Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0 and Microsoft Office. Microsoft has some tools to register OLE Controls on your system.

OLE Controls are registered on your system in two ways:

· The control is delivered with a registration database file (for example mycontrol.reg). To register these type of controls you need to import this file into your registry. You can do this by starting the registry (REGEDIT.EXE) and importing the file, or by double-clicking the file in the explorer.


· The control has self-registration capabilities. These controls have to be registered by using utilities supplied by Microsoft. An example of such a utility is REGSVR32.EXE (part of the Win32 SDK, Visual C++ 4.0 and Visual Basic 4.0). You can use a DOS box and type "regsvr32 mycontrol.ocx" to register the control.