Run-time Architecture of a Web Service

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When publishing a web service by clicking the Create Web Service button on the Web Services (Provider) window, an ASP server page is generated, and if requested, a WSDL file. This represents the starting point (the access URL) for the published web service. The server page calls the Rules Service via the HTTP protocol in a SOAP format, and executes the SQL statement defined for a specific method. The response (if any) from the Rules Service is sent back to the client application.

The installed web server handles the security and logging mechanism of the web service. Possible error messages are sent to the client application in the standard Fault element of the SOAP message.


USoft supports both both SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2 protocols for web service providers. There are two ASP pages generated when the web service is published, one for SOAP 1.1, the other for SOAP 1.2. Depending upon the version of the SOAP request, the appropriate ASP page is used.