Starting and Stopping the Application Timer

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You can start the application timer from the USoft Binder. Add a USoft Application Timer project item to your project and edit the item properties. These are:

· Interval: this is the time between successive increments of the application time. The default value is one minute.


· Max time since last update: this is the maximum time difference between the database clock and the application clock that the application timer will allow when it is started. If the application time is further behind the database time than this value, the application timer stops and displays an error message. The default value is 24 hours.


· A Verbose check box, which if left unchecked, disables start-up messages and the continuous display of current time.

Refer to the USoft Binder help for more information about the USoft Binder and how to use it.

While the application timer is running, you may minimize its window. To stop the application timer, restore its window, make it active and press CTRL+C or CTRL+BREAK. Do not close the window, log off, or shutdown while the application timer is running. Depending upon your RDBMS, the database connection may not be properly closed and database locks may not be released if the timer is stopped in this way.