Table Components

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A component which is the basis for a component table, is a stateful component which supports table components. Table components implement a set of methods to exchange records with the Rules Engine, like QueryFetch or UpdateRow. You can use the "Properties" table component from the Off the Shelf components to inspect these method definitions. The method arguments are automatically updated when field definitions in the table definition of this table component are changed. The physical method does not need to be updated for this, but the component implementation in Java may need to be changed. it is also possible to specify if a table component supports all methods or that it for example is a read-only table component.

For table components, the effect of the several method indicators (update/query/etc) have a greater impact than just calling the specified method or not. The settings have the same effect as specifying authorization on a table. For example: if a component can exist as a table component, but it does not support the insert, update and delete methods, then it will not be possible to insert/update or delete a row in the window based upon this table component.