The USXSL Node Method

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The USXSL node method retrieves a node from an XML document, by an XPath reference. If the XML document does not start with "<" it is assumed to be a file reference to an XML document file.


SELECT USXSL.node(<xml document>, <XPath expression>

           [,<namespace list>])

Where <xml document> can be:

· A literal XML document.


· A file name.


· A URL.


· An alias previously added by the setxml method.

The second, <XPath expression> parameter, is an XPath expression.


For necessary information about XPath expressions and namespaces, please refer to a decent XSL/XPath book or other documentation source.

If there is no result of the XPath expression then the output of the Node method is empty. If there are more node results the output contains all nodes.

The optional <namespaces> parameter is a list of namespace mappings for prefixes used in the XPath expression separated by spaces.