The USXSL SetXsl Method

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With the USXSL SetXsl method, you can set an alias name for an XSL transformation. The method creates a map with parsed xsl associated to the alias name. It returns an error if the XSL document is invalid.

In the USXSL apply method, you can then refer to the XSL document by using the alias name.

SELECT USXSL.setxsl(<alias name>, <XSL document>)

If the value for <XSL document> is NULL then the XSL document is removed from the map.

The parsed XSL stays in memory until the Setxsl method is called again with the same alias and an empty (NULL) XSL document.


If you need the same XSL document more than once, using the SetXsl method, and refer to it in the apply method may improve performance.