The XML Query Method

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The XML query method executes a query that is defined in an XML document. The structure of this input XML document must comply with the Query By Form (QBF) specification, described in "XML Representation of Queries".

Also, the XML query method generates XML output that contains the query results. The structure of the XML output is described in "XML Representation of Application Data". These query results contain ALL column values of the records exported.




SELECT    <expression> XMLDocument

       [,<value> <param>[, <value> <param> ...]]



The parameter names and values are not case-sensitive.


Allowed Values (Default)




This parameter is mandatory.

Contains the XML document with the Query By Form (QBF) specification.



Specifies whether the column values in the resulting XML document must be formatted according to the IO Format of the corresponding domain or not.

If not, date columns must obey to the format explained in "XML Representation of Date Values"



Specifies a header line in the XML output with a DOCTYPE declaration containing this DTD Name as reference.



The SELECT statement must comply with the following conditions:

· For each parameter value, the parameter name must be specified.


· Parameters have constant values.


· If the SELECT results in no row, there is no XML output.


· Every record retrieved by the SELECT results in an XML output document.


· If the query condition specified in the input XML document results in no records, then the resulting XML output contains only the root element and no row elements.

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