Travel Agency Data Model

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In some examples, a Travel Agency application is used for demonstration purposes. The diagram shows the data model of this sample application.

The data model shows:

· Tables


· Columns


· Keys (Primary, secondary, foreign)


· Non-database columns (Virtual/Joined Columns or Additional Fields)


· Relationships (Parent-to-child)


· Role names, e.g. GUIDES, FOR WHICH ARE MADE


· Cardinality, e.g. 1-to-1 relationship or 1-to-many relationship


· Supertypes and subtypes


· Exclusivity and totality for subtype groups

Among other things, the diagram does not show:

· Column characteristics such as Mandatory, Input Allowed


· Co-role names, e.g. IS GUIDED BY, MADE FOR


· Domains, domain characteristics


· Constraints

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