Using a Component Table

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Component tables can be used as if they were normal database tables. In all the places within USoft where you can specify a SQL statement you can use component tables. Component tables are allowed in all subqueries (i.e. NOT EXISTS, NOT IN etc). SELECT statements, as well as manipulations, are allowed on component tables, with the following restrictions:

· There is no outer-join support.


· CONNECT BY and START WITH are not allowed.


· At the moment, component tables cannot be subtypes or super type tables.


· Primary key columns of Component Tables are non-updatable. The reason for this is, that it makes the definition of the UpdateRow method easier: it gets parameters for every column. Without the restriction, the old values for the primary key must also be passed to the method.


· Binary data is not supported.


· The STDDEV and VARIANCE functions are not supported for queries on component tables.