USoft Custom Data Provider

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A data provider in the .NET framework serves as a bridge between an application and a data source. A data provider is used to retrieve and/or manipulate data from a data source.

USoft has provided a read-only custom .NET data provider, REDataProvider.dll, that will reconnect back to the same Rules Engine and retrieve data. This USoft custom data provider is a standard data provider so it can be used in the same way as any other ADO.NET data provider.

REDataProvider.dll details:

· Namespace: USoftDataProvider


· Assembly: REDataProvider.dll


· Classes are listed in the following table:


Represents a connection to a running Rules Engine. Inherits from DbConnection


Represents a SQL statement to execute against a running Rules Engine. Inherits from DbCommand


Provides a way of reading a forward-only stream of rows from a running Rules Engine. Inherits from DbDataReader


Represents a parameter to a USoftCommand. Inherits from IDataParameter


Represents a collection of parameters associated with a USoftCommand. Inherits from ArrayList, IDataParameterCollection.


Not supported


Not supported


To connect back to the Rules Engine you need to derive your class from a predefined RulesEngine class. In order to acquire a connection to the Rules Engine you need to call a predefined getConnection() function. This function returns a USoftConnection object, and from then on you can work with the connection object in the standard ADO.Net manner.


using System;

using System.Data;

using UsoftDataProvider;


class RulesEngineSQL


public static string sql = "SELECT p.email_address FROM person p, participant pt WHERE p.person_id = pt.person_id and pt.res_id = ?";



class DBExample : RulesEngine


public void InformParticipans(int reservation_id, string message)


USoftConnection conn = getConnection();


USoftCommand cmd = (USoftCommand)conn.CreateCommand();

cmd.CommandText = RulesEngineSQL.sql;

USoftParameter p = new USoftParameter("reservation_id", DbType.Int32);

p.Value = reservation_id;


IDataReader reader = cmd.ExecuteReader();

while (reader.Read())


String email = reader.GetString(0) ;

//send an email to participant






For more information on .NET data sources refer to


To take advantage of planned future developments related to cross referencing of SQL within C# code, we advise you to declare all your SQL statements as static attributes in the RulesEngineSQL class.