Web Service Example 7: Define a Web Service Provider Method

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This topic is the first part of Web Service Example 7: Component Table with an Output XSL Transformation.

To define a document-oriented method that retrieves multiple Tour details in XML export format:

1. In the Web Service Provider window, query the TRAVELSERVICE web service provider that you defined in Example 1.


2. On the Methods tab page, define a GetMultipleTours method, set the Operation Style to: Document-oriented, and set the Method Call to: Synchronous.


3. Define SQL statement:



SELECT     *

FROM     tour

4. Click the Check button, and in the Question dialog, click Yes.

One output parameter, by default XMLDOCUMENT, is generated.

5. From the Definer menu, select: Define, Web Services Provider, Namespaces. Define a Namespace:

Namespace Alias: Tours

Namespace: urn:Tour

Location: http://<web server>/TravelService/MyTours.xsd

6. Define a MyTours.xsd XML schema file that describes the structure of the returning XML document. This XML schema file is described in: Web Service Example 7: XML Schema Definition for Tours (Refer to See Also topics).


7. For the GetMultipleTours method of the TRAVELSERVICE web service provider, change some attributes of the output parameter:
· Change the parameter name to: Tours.


· Change the Namespace Alias to: Tours.


· Click the XML Data Type button and select the Tours record.
8. Save your changes.


9. Click the Create Web Service button.

The web server publication folder now contains an up-to-date TRAVELSERVICE.xml, TRAVELSERVICE.asp file, and TRAVELSERVICE.inc file.

10. Click the Create WSDL File button.

The web server publication folder now contains an up-to-date TRAVELSERVICE.wsdl file.

11. Restart the Rules Service for the TRAVEL application that you configured in Example 1.

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