Actions Example 3: Button Leading to Tab Page Sensitivity

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If the Cancel button is clicked, the Cancellation Details tab page must be raised automatically to invite the user to enter cancellation details.

Using method call syntax, set the Action property of the button to:

Tab_1.ControlSetActiveTab('Page 2')

You can type this method call manually, or use the Object Activator to compose it.


ControlSetActiveTab() expects simple strings, not objects, as parameters. The same is true for all other USoft native methods. Therefore you must provide the parameter in this example by manual editing. You cannot specify the tab page by selecting it from the Object Browser pane.

The expected string is the original string name for the tab page without underscore, as listed in the Property Inspector. For more information on underscores in object names but not in parameters, please refer to the Method Call Syntax help topic.