Actions Example 8: Automatic Insert in Child Table and Related Box

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In this info window with embedded child box, the frequent action of adding the customer booking the reservation (parent box) as a participant (child box) is supported by a button. The button was inserted at the level of the info window, not the related box.

Set the Action property of the Add Person Booking button to:




INSERT INTO participant(person_id,res_id,insurance)





Use the Object Activator to compose this method call script. The RecordStore method call acts at the top-level info box (the parent box) and therefore does not need an explicit object identifier. This method call is necessary to make sure the parent record is completed and a customer is known.

:MADE_BY and :RES_ID are embedded method calls. The INSERT statement can also be spelled as follows; in which case the method calls can be produced by using the Object Activator as a stand-alone editor:

INSERT INTO participant(person_id,res_id,insurance)



After the INSERT action, all the Participant records for this Reservation are retrieved (including the newly added INSERT), and the cursor jumps to the first field of the Participants box.