Adding the Button's Data to the Menu Option Definition

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With the information obtained, which you can also obtain by means of the various lookup buttons, you can now add the button to the appropriate option on the appropriate menu page.

To add the button to the toolbar:

· If necessary, start the Windows Designer.


· In the Menu Catalog, under the Menus tab page of the Windows Designer catalog, double-click the STD_HELP menu page class. The menu page is opened in the design area.


· Select the Message History menu line, and choose Property Inspector from the context menu to open the Property Inspector.


· Move the cursor to the On Toolbar field of the Property Inspector, then type a number to indicate the button' s relative position on the toolbar (in the example, "4").


· Move the cursor to the Bitmap field, then type the name of the bitmap to display (in the example, MH.BMP).


· Save your changes.

You can now start your application. Before you do that, however, you may need to check out whether you are authorized for the menu on which you defined the Message History button. If this is not the case, you will not see the changes you made.