Development-time and Runtime Properties

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Development-time, you can use the Property Inspector to set property values for info boxes, dialogs, controls and the objects contained in them. Each time an info box, dialog or control is used in a runtime application, all development-time property settings are applied.

In addition, you can set or reset property values while an application is running. This way you can make a window behave differently under different circumstances. For example, you can change a background color depending on a runtime user action.

To set or reset properties at runtime, write method call scripts for events. In the method call script, specify a property and the (new) value you want to assign to it.

You can reset all Visual and Layout properties at runtime. (Re)setting these properties is WYSIWYG, i.e. leads to instant graphical change.

A number of properties for which the runtime Windows application as a whole must be evaluated, cannot be set programmatically.

These include:

· Auto-commit, and in general all application properties.


· Open Only Once (info box property).

Resetting the value of behavior properties that represent events, i.e., rewriting action scripts, is not supported.