Enter Record Event

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The Enter Record interface event occurs whenever the input focus is placed on a new record line through mouse or function key navigation. This focus change may occur as a result of a window being opened, or the user switching between Query Mode and Data Manipulation Mode.

The phrase Enter Record refers to navigation into the record (entering as opposed to leaving), not to data entry.

The "record line" in this case is the layout line of fields corresponding to a queried or new database record, or a blank line of fields intended to display such a record.

Scrolling through parent records in an info window that has a synchronized info box with child records, may cause the Enter Record event to occur for the child box.

Navigation between supertype and corresponding subtype data, or between master data and corresponding data in a secondary info box, does NOT cause the Enter Record to occur. This type of navigation is handled as if the user stayed within the same record, even if the input focus moves to a different window.

As a result of the Enter Record event, the following behavior properties fire:

ยท Pre-record-entry