Extra Query Example 2: Child Box Background Color Dependent on Parent Data

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The Reservations info window by default contains a Participants detail box because reservations cannot exist without participants. Suppose you want participant records grayed out if a reservation is canceled. You will have to define an action to make this happen, and a search specification to refer to the control you want the action to operate on.

To gray out participant records when reservation is canceled:

1. Select the Reservations info window.

Make sure you select the Info Window itself and not one of its components. The status line should read Info Window: Reservations.

2. From the menu bar, choose Insert, Extra Query.

A query object and a visible extra query control are created.

3. From the menu bar, choose Design, Extra Query to navigate to the query object (NOT the visible text box), or use the Object tree.
4. Set property SQL Statement, on the General tab page to:



5. Set property Yes Action on the Behavior tab page to:



6. Set property No Action on the Behavior tab page to:



7. Run the info window to test the new functionality. Query all records.
8. If you are satisfied, close the runtime window and save the design work.
9. To make the extra query column non-displayed, select the column. Make sure that the status bar indicates the column control, e.g. " esd_char: 'x' ". Set property Displayed on the General tab page to No.