How to Add Overlay Images to a List View

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A list view's Overlay Condition and Overlay Image properties can be used to determine if and when the icons or bitmaps specified for the list view items should have a second image superimposed on it under certain conditions.

To add overlay images to a list view:

1. Make sure that icons or bitmaps have been defined for the list view's items.
2. Determine what the overlay condition is, write it as a SQL statement, and set the list view's Overlay Condition behavior property to this statement.

The overlay will be displayed if the condition is met, or if no condition is specified.

The general form of an overlay condition is:


FROM ...


You can use variables to refer to columns selected in the SQL Statement property of this list. For example:


FROM emp


This will display an overlay image for all employees except John.

3. Set the list view's Overlay Image behavior property to the name of the icon or bitmap image you want to use as the overlay image.