How to Define a Menu Page and its Options

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When you define a menu page, you specify the page itself, and the menu lines that present the options.

To define menu pages:

1. In the menu tab of the catalog, choose the menu page class on which the new menu page is to be based, and from the right-click menu, choose New. A new menu page subclass is created. Rename the new subclass to an appropriate name.
2. Double-click the new menu page class. The class will be opened in the design area. If there are any pre-defined menu lines for this menu page, inherited from the subclass, these will also be listed.
3. Right-click menu page in the design area and choose Property Inspector from the resulting menu. The property Inspector for the menu page is opened.
4. In the Property Inspector, set the position property to specify the position that the menu page will occupy in the menu bar.
5. In the design area, make sure that the Menu Page name is highlighted, and choose Menu Line or Menu Page (if you want to insert a submenu) from the Insert menu, depending upon your requirements. A new menu line or menu page will be inserted. Repeat this action as many times as required to complete the list of options for the Menu Page.


You can also drag and drop an existing menu class from the Catalog onto the menu name in the design area, and this will then be displayed as a submenu.


You can delete menu lines or menu pages inhered from the subclass, but which are not required for this menu page. To do this, choose Delete from the right mouse button when the menu option in question is highlighted. The menu line or page in question will remain in the list in the design area, but will be marked with a large red cross to denote that it is not used.

You can undo the delete action using the Undelete option form the right mouse button menu.

6. For each inserted Menu Line or Menu Page, call up the Property Inspector, using the right-click menu, and provide values for the properties in the Property Inspector's property list. Use the help in the bottom pane of the property Inspector for hints on setting the properties. You can also make local settings for menu lines inherited from a super class of the menu page.

To add a horizontal line to a Menu Page, add a menu line at the appropriate position (specify the position using the Position property) and make sure that the Script property is empty, i.e. no script specified. If no script is specified for a menu line, a horizontal line is always inserted into the menu page.

7. Save your changes in the database.