How to Define a Property

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To specify certain types of interaction between windows, you need to define properties. To rename a user-defined property, remove it and then re-define it.

To define a property:

1. If you are not already in the Object Activator, make sure the window class where you want to define the property is the active window and then click View, Object Activator.
2. In the Object Browser pane, select the info box or dialog class itself (top node of Object Browser tree view).
3. Click the Properties tab page, and then click New.

The New Property dialog is displayed.

4. Provide a Name, a Type and an Argument Position for the property. For more information, click Help.

The argument position is a number, e.g., 1, 2, ... If it is 1, then the first parameter passed in calls to the object will be assigned to the property as its (new) value, and so on.

5. Click OK or Apply.

The new property now appears in the properties list. You can refer to it by selecting it and then clicking Set. In calls to the object, you can (re)set its value by passing the value as a parameter.